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Rhiannon Rees Counselling

Helping you navigate your loss

I’m here to support you with the challenges of life and loss, to help you find relief from overwhelm and map out your own path toward a life that is satisfying and meaningful- as defined by you. 

I’m Rhiannon and I provide therapeutic counselling, enabling people to feel truly understood and supported so they can move forward, feeling content, capable and confident.

Bereavement, loss and stress can leave you feeling:

  1. Lost, confused and overwhelmed
  2. As if nobody understands
  3. As if you have to stay strong no matter what

You may be struggling with low mood, feelings of sadness, or even difficulty sleeping or concentrating…

Maybe it’s time to:

  1. Get some support so you are able to cope
  2. Understand and come to terms with your difficulties or emotions
  3. Feel empowered, so you are able to make positive changes.

Counselling can help you let go of feelings of worry, avoid overthinking and enable you to develop self-awareness and confidence, leading to improved relationships and leaving you feeling more confident and fulfilled.


Appointments available within 1 week including early morning and evening sessions.