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Clients report feeling relieved and hopeful after just one session. 

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Loss can be devastating and overwhelming and can take many forms, from the death of a loved one, to the ending of a relationship or the loss of purpose or identity.

You may be feeling isolated and alone or confused as you try to come to terms with new and painful circumstances. You may be struggling with feelings of shame or guilt. We’re often told that carrying on with life is necessary in order to get over loss but it is rarely so simple!

Communicating feelings of pain, anger, guilt or depression to others can feel daunting but coping with this alone will do more harm than good. Counselling can provide ways to experience your emotions without them overwhelming you. You are not alone in this struggle.

I can help you to understand your feelings and process your loss, while feeling safe and supported, restoring a sense of purpose to your life.

Let me show you how.

I work relationally and collaboratively, seeking to really connect with you and understand your loss and pain so you feel heard and fully supported. I offer warmth, understanding and acceptance. Through this transformative relationship I can help you to experience and understand your emotions.

This has been a huge relief to others just like you, who have shared their pain with someone who seeks to understand and be with you in what can feel like a dark, desperate and lonely place.

Counselling has been an empowering process for previous clients who have found meaning and purpose in their life. Where once their day was dictated by overwhelming uncontrollable emotions, they are now able to cope with their feelings and integrate their loss into their experience of life. They have let go of guilt and shame and are able to communicate their loss to their loved ones.

Just as you would seek medical help for illness, mental health and wellbeing deserve your attention too. Allow me to help you and ease your struggle, just as I have with countless others.