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Clients report feeling relieved and hopeful after just one session. 

What is Counselling?

Sometimes issues such as a bereavement or loss, low self-esteem, life changes, stress or relationship difficulties can leave you feeling overwhelmed, alone and unable to cope. Feelings of sadness, depression and worry can have a serious and unhealthy impact upon your life. It may feel like no one understands.

I’m here for you, providing you with the support you need when you need it most.

As a dedicated an Integrative Psychotherapist and Lecturer in Counselling and Mental Health at an academic institution Integrative Psychotherapist, I provide a safe and confidential space offering warmth, compassion and tailored support. I work relationally and collaboratively, seeking to really connect with you and understand your pain and difficulties so you feel heard, fully supported and able to experience the relief, lightness or change you’re looking for.


How Can Counselling and Psychotherapy Help Me?

Therapy has been an empowering process for previous clients and has helped them find hope, meaning and purpose in their lives. I specialise in providing medium-long term counselling which enables you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your difficulties and gain a clearer sense of identity and purpose.  Working in this way, clients find they develop an inner strength and feeling of safety and security that enables them to cope with their difficulties, feel empowered and able to make positive changes. Where once their days might be dictated by overwhelming uncontrollable emotions, they are now able to integrate their difficulties into their lives in a healthier way.

What Happens in Counselling?

We will meet regularly for a 50-minute counselling session.  Where possible I recommend undertaking medium to long term counselling as this is a hugely effective approach in creating long lasting changes. Counselling will be either in person at one of my rooms in Leeds or online from the comfort of your home. Online counselling has been shown to be as effective as working face to face. This safe, hassle free and confidential method provides a convenient and safe way to get the support you need, right now. I use a secure video platform ensuring data protection and confidentiality.

I will encourage you to talk about your life, events, relationships, emotions, ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour. We will explore underlying causes of your difficulties, enabling you to come to terms with them and find ways to move forward with your life at a pace that suits you. I will listen carefully, without judgement, supporting you as we work toward your unique goals.

Just as you would seek medical help for illness, your mental health and wellbeing deserve your attention too.

Allow me to help you and ease your struggle, just as I have with countless others.

Book your Free Consultation today and find out how I can ease your struggle, just as I have with countless others.