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Anxiety Counsellor Leeds

Do you need the help of an anxiety counsellor in Leeds?

Anxiety is something that we all experience as humans. Built into us to help us survive, it’s something that happens naturally when we perceive a situation to be a threat. Whilst some people may be able to manage these thoughts and feelings, for many of us, it can build up over time and become hard to manage.

Sweaty palms, dizzy spells, nausea and shaking are all common signs that your anxiety could be taking over. If you want to address your anxiety and learn of ways to cope, I am here to help.

At Rhiannon Rees Counselling I want to makes sure you have a safe space to explore your anxiety, and with my help I will give you the support and understanding you need.

I am proud to be a registered member of BACP and offer a high quality, professional service providing anxiety counselling in Leeds.

If you want to choose heart centred counselling that can help you learn more about anxiety and how to cope, contact me today. Call for you free phone consultation 07308 121 754 or drop me an email at and I’ll be in touch.