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Bereavement Counsellor Leeds

Spend sometime with a bereavement counsellor in Leeds

Tackling grief can be the most difficult thing you’ll ever do. Whilst you try to take each day as it comes, it can sometimes feel as though the grief isn’t getting any easier to live with.

You may feel anger, regret, sorrow or sadness. You may also feel depressed or anxious. Grief has a funny way of manifesting in all sorts of ways for people, but it’s important to know that you can find a way to move forward whilst never forgetting that person.

At Rhiannon Rees Counselling you have a safe space in which you can tackle your grief in your own time. Specialising in bereavement counselling, I offer support and understanding whilst you navigate this hard time in your life.

As we work together, the comfort and support I offer, can help you come to terms with the loss you’ve experienced whilst helping you to manage your emotions and actions.

I offer flexible appointments to fit in with your current commitments, so just let me know what works for you and we’ll work it out together. If you’d like to book an initial free consultation on the phone, give me a call on 07308 121 754.