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Depression And Anxiety Therapist Near Me

Are you searching “depression and anxiety therapist near me”?

Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or both, chances are you’re feeling pretty alone. It may leave you feeling exhausted, isolated, tired and hopeless, however you do have options and if you’ve come this far then you’ve already taken a step in the right direction.

At Rhiannon Rees Counselling I appreciate just how scary anxiety and depression can be. It can stop you from living your life, stop you from doing the things you want and stop you from building relationships. It can be something that consumes you and stops you from seeking help altogether.

However, with my counselling, I offer you a safe space where we can explore your anxiety and depression together. With my heart-centred counselling and your commitment, I truly believe that we can work on your problems and help you to rediscover your strength.

Whatever problems you are experiencing; I provide expert therapy that allows you to explore your problems and while feeling understood and accepted, giving you the support you need, when you truly need it.

To find out how I can help you, book an initial free phone consultation with me by calling 07308 121 754 or fill out the contact form.