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Grief And Loss Counselling

Take the time to process your loss with grief counselling

We will all experience loss throughout our lives, and it’s something that everyone processes differently. Whereas some people may be vocal and able to show emotion, others may find it hard to convey their grief and keep it bottled up inside. There is no right or wrong way to process grief and loss, and instead of “getting over it”; it’s something that you can process and come to terms with so that it becomes a part of your life

Grief and loss can be felt as the result of many different life experiences. As well as feeling grief when a loved one dies, you may grieve for a lost friendship, a missed opportunity or something special in your life.

If you are finding that grief and loss is becoming too much for you to bear, I am here to help.

At Rhiannon Rees Counselling I offer heart centred counselling to help you feel supported as you come to terms with your loss and the changes in your life. I specialise in bereavement counselling, offering an approach that is tailored to your unique grief process. I will take the time to listen so you feel understood and together we can find ways to help you cope and come to terms with your loss.

I appreciate it can be hard coming to terms with loss, but with the right support and help, I believe we can make positive steps that help you to cope better.

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