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Self Esteem Therapist Near Me

Are you searching “self esteem therapist near me”?

As we grow up and experience various events and difficulties throughout life, our self-esteem can both rise and fall. Whilst this it normal and to be expected, for some people, low self-esteem can be a constant presence that is impossible to ignore.

Feeling self-conscious and anxious, experiencing negative thoughts and low self-worth can feel overwhelming and hard to escape. If you want to discover your worth, feel confident and happy, then it’s time to find the right help and give me a call.

At Rhiannon Rees Counselling I give you a safe space to explore the reasons behind your low self-esteem. Together we can rediscover who you feel you really are. I appreciate that coming to counselling can be daunting, and it’s important to address these issues when you are ready.

By coming this far, you’re probably in a place where you feel ready to explore your reasons behind having low self-esteem. With my help and your commitment, I’m confident that we can learn more about your thoughts and feelings and come up with new ways to move forward positively.

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