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Counselling for Your Relationships

Heart-centred Counselling: Supporting you when you need it most.

Struggling in your marriage, or your relationship with your partner, children, family and friends can have a huge impact on your life and can create feelings of loneliness and hopelessness.

Arguments, secrecy and resentments with a partner can create huge stress and upset. Perhaps there has been an affair or there are feelings of growing apart from your partner, creating confusion and guilt, anger and hurt. It can be scary talking about these issues with your partner and you may try to keep going, hiding your true feelings for fear of exposing your shame, guilt or resentment.

When a relationship breaks down it can be a devastating loss, setting in motion a complex grieving process. While your friends are getting married, settling down and raising a family, you may feel scared as you look into an uncertain future. Feeling like the odd one out, coping with the loss and loneliness, hurt and resentment can lead to sleepless nights, overthinking and overwhelm. So, you feel drained and stuck.

Relationships are woven into the fabric of our existence and shape who we are. Counselling can enable you take a step back from the everyday and reflect of the significance of your relationships, how they have contributed to your life and the person you are today. Looking at significant relationships from your past can show how they inform your present. From this perspective therapy can help you can uncover patterns of thoughts and behaviours that may be contributing to the relationship difficulties you are currently experiencing or may have endured in the past. Working together, at a pace that suites you, I will support you to reflect on the feelings and emotions you experienced in these relationships and how they impact on you now.

Understand you and your relationships, get relief from loneliness & find hope for the future.

The acceptance, warmth and compassion I provide can reduce the intensity of your feelings and enable you to feel heard and valued. Feeling understood and having a safe, reflective space can bring huge relief and comfort and enable you to consider new perspectives or ways of being. These insights can empower you to make decisions, to grow and develop resilience.  New and vital understanding of yourself can enrich and enliven your relationships and bring a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

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